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Watch this video to see how AmPac was able to champion this business owner and help her find the best capital solution for her unique need. Let us help you with your unique financing need to grow your business!

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Watch this video to see how AmPac is able to champion business owners like you to get a loan for their business growth. Call AmPac today!

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Are you aware of the types of loans available for your small business?

Don’t get caught in unreasonable terms with loans that will threaten your business success. With multiple programs available, we will help you find the best financial solution to support your growth.

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Our Process

In 45 days we get to the best YES for your small business success!

In 45 days we get to the best YES for your small business success!

Step 1

Day 1 - 5

Step 1 of the AmPac Loan Process

AmPac and Bank Partner (if real estate or equipment loan) meet the business owner to understand the business and financing objectives and begin collecting financial information

Step 2

Day 6 - 10

Step 2 of the AmPac Loan Process

Business completes a checklist of financial information including personal and business tax returns and/or business plan and projections

Step 3

Day 10 - 35

Step 3 of the AmPac Loan Process

Bank and AmPac concurrently underwrite the loan based on financial information submitted; asks questions of the borrower; collects additional financial information as needed; obtains approval from loan committee and/or SBA; orders appraisal or environmental reports as appropriate

Step 4

Day 35 - 45

Step 4 of the AmPac Loan Process

Bank and AmPac ensure that all company operating documents are collected and then close and Fund the loan

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Hilda Kennedy, Founder and President of AmPac Business Capital, shares about the mission of AmPac:  To make communities better and families stronger, as champions of job makers.

Work With a Team of Champion Job Makers

Work With a Team of Champion Job Makers

Created 2,000 new jobs in California

430 million in total loans

230 businesses financed

Nation’s first faith-based SBA lender

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These partners make the CDFI and Micro Loan program affordable, small dollar loans available to new, early start and growing businesses. 

11th Annual Faith-Based Small Business Summit

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Your Business is Your Mission Field

Mary Barnett, CEO & Marketing Strategist
Another Brilliant Inc., and
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