AmPac Partners with OneWest Bank to Provide Microloans for Growing Businesses

AmPac obtained funds from OneWest Bank to support its Healthy Food Loan Program launched in Los Angeles County.

The program is made possible by the California Freshworks initiative and Capital Impact Partners and seeks to serve Los Angeles County communities that do not have equal access to fresh foods to promote healthy eating and good long-term PDF icon for downloadable documenthealth, especially for children ages 0-5 who are experiencing alarming rates of childhood obesity and diseases caused by obesity.

AmPac seeks to serve start-up and existing businesses in Los Angeles County with low-interest micro loans to provide healthy food offerings in these communities. Farmers, farmers markets, community markets, food processors and food vendors are targets for this effort. Businesses serving in communities with children under the age of five years old are special considerations for these funds. Coupled with the loan funds, AmPac’s technical assistance partner, Business Resource Group will come alongside businesses to assist them in packaging their loan application and ensuring the business can be sustained.

Businesses that meet these criteria or lenders who cannot serve businesses that meet these criteria are urged to call AmPac today at 909-915-1706, email or visit the website at

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